Welcome To Bhullar Welding & Trailer Repair

Brampton’s Leading Welding & Trailer Repair Company

With 5 years of combined welding and fabrication experience, the team at Bhullar Welding & Trailer Repair are your truck and vehicle fabrication specialists. Our focus is to deliver the highest quality standard in fabrication works and to exceed our customers expectations, ensuring they receive the ideal solution for their needs.

Whether its a large or small fabrication job, the team at BWTR have the knowledge and expertise you can rely on. We’ll get you on the road faster

Welcome To Bhullar Welding & Trailer Repair

Brampton’s Leading Welding & Metal Repair Company

Are you looking for a full-service welding service provider in Brampton? Is your truck in need of roof skin and panel repairs? Whatsoever be your needs, Doaba Welding Fabrication Ltd. is here to serve you. Ever since our inception, we are providing our clients with quality work, on-time projects, and professional repairs.

We have a fully equipped workshop facility and a team of licensed and certified welders who are well versed with the latest welding and fabrication techniques. We specialize in mobile welding and travel to client sites for welding repair work.

Indutri provide the best service for sustainable progress

What Sets Us Apart?

100% Transparency

We ensure that you get well detailed break-up of each repair work.

Genuine Spare Parts

We use authorized and genuine spare parts & accessories to ensure best service to our customers.

Friendly & Helpfull

Friendly & helpful professional group of people in Road Service Truck and Trailer Repair.

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Welding is the art of heating metal to the melting point and then allowing parts of the metal and filler metal to flow together. Welding is a diverse technology, and there are 94 different welding and allied processes.

Yes We also Have Mobile Service also . 

Every welding job’s requirements are different, but Advantage Fabricated Metals’ welders often grind the welds, polish the welds, descale the welds, prepare the welded surfaces for painting, and prime the prepared surface after the welding process is completed all based on individual customer requirements.


We visually inspect all of our welded components for size and quality of the weld deposit. When required, we can additionally provide Dye Penetrant, Magnaflux, and Radiograph inspection to meet a customer’s requirements.

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